In from Ibiza Shine Leeds proudly present Buckley at FB Event SHINE EASTER SPECIAL ft CE CE ROGERS + MARSHALL JEFFERSON Allister Whitehead, Terry Farley, Buckley - Leeds Warehouse, SUN 27 MAR
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Shine are overjoyed to be welcoming to the team, a Main Room Resident DJ, Sir Buckley Boland himself, the legend of Leeds, whose taken his residency talents far & wide. As far as his Resident roster goes, well let's just say he's been with the unstoppable local brand who have consecutively taken their own endeavors over seas & back again, even back to to their recent turf based of at none other than The Warehouse Leeds, which by the way holds credit to this day still standing in the same bricks & mortar under the same name it unleashed 'WAY BACK IN '79' so with no further ado of unspoken legacies, first off the bat is Back To Basics, Buckley has held his long standing spinning technique's with.

Renaissance also, held Buckley down for quite some time where he went onto rubbing shoulders again with the biggest names in the dance game. So Renaissance which by the way had under it's wing more alliances with Leeds legends, such as the phenomenal, technically brilliant Mr Ian Ossiathen need it be said but the one & only mighty King of Shelley's Laserdome but most certainly a renowned Renaissance legend flying the Leeds flag playing set's alongside Sasha, Dave Seaman himself, formerMixmag editor & creator of Peace & Harmony made at The Hacienda's white label request which became a ground breaker for him pre Top of the Pops's getting himself out there with Such A Good Feeling all under theBrothers in Rhythm duo, until his partner on good terms moved ontoPickering's Deconstruction Records making tracks like the dance-ableKylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head mix. Leaving David to move onto seek a career that's been none stop til now, let's say again Brother's Love Dub's - The Mighty Ming epic anthem came from Shelley's with yet more requesting of his highly seeked talent, Dave a creation of Record Label's from Stress Records to his current efforts with Selador see him at a stage what's almost retire-able on royalties alone, given theirBrothers in Rhythm remixes of the biggest artiste worldwide, from Michael Jackson to Eurythmics to Bruce Hornsby & so on...

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This leave's Shine with huge pleasure having Buckley join the outfit, with his debut appearance as a Resident DJ see's him play a Back To Back, a one & half hour DJ Set from 3.30am until 5am with Shine's world class pride & joy, Garry Dabill, who since teaming up in 2012 with Shine HQ has always worked adapted DJ Set's for his warm up main room slot, only once he get's wind of who the line up is, which from Shine's point of view, have always tried & feel they've achieved this, line up's are attempted to be fresh & different every time to avoid any repetitive flow of that 'same old same old' scenario. To further add Garry the pride at Shine never repeats any track he has ever played at prior events.

So now here come's the clincher, we've told you some of the station's where Buckley has parked his record boxes & shoulders he's rubbed with but only from the brands he's worked for point of view, not his personal as of yet, however what Shine pride themselves on are what actual DJ's Shine can only dream of having. With this forthcoming Easter Sunday event, which has now become an EASTER SPECIAL BIG TIME, pardon the pun but "Shine are Bucking their ideas up"... Since knowledge of D&B (Dabill & Buckley) are hyping this up to be a best Shine fixture yet with their Back To Back.

Well as you're all aware the original Chicago God Father of Acid House, the House Music Anthem pioneer Marshall Jefferson who broke ground in many nation's during 1986 at global status but in 1986/'87 when his Trax Records began to be taken more notice of by a major label called Atlantic Records. Marshall's assistance came from New York's CeCe Rogers (his name received by Soul God Father James Brown) wrote lyric's on his piano for SOMEDAY (the very same sound expected next week at Leeds Warehouse Easter Sunday 2016) anyway these US House creator's made waves and conquered with the only track out of the eighties that's never ever been matched... FACT!!

So whilst on the subject of US House legends, it should be known that Buckley who right now for the past two years has been in Ibiza, which happens to be where FAC 51 The Hacienda held it's 11th Birthday, oh and before one does forget, Buckley even held himself nurtured as a Resident with what's probably the biggest brand in the world, yes Buckley Boland from Leeds was on an unbeatable FAC51 resident by appointment The Ha├žienda bill over two decades ago for that there said 11th Birthday with who was/is the official global God Father of House, the late Frankie Knuckles from the Def Mix Collective a US brand which he & David Morales both owned (who recently played Shine's FAC51 Christmas 2015 Party) but was billed alongside thee one & only Tony Humphries UK giants, Hacienda's furniture Park & Pickering (Graeme Park & Mike Pickering) with of course Buckley plus more Leeds talent another local name whose been around the block Harker with UYR & Cream to name but a few.

Delving into Buckley's archive's would be a forever job unfinished so let's just say for now...

"Welcome aboard Buckley, all at Shine HQ look forward to your skillfully tasty spinning presentation playing back to back with another pride of Shine, Mr Garry 'Turntable' Dabill, see you at... SHINE'S EASTER SPECIAL 2016 featuring CE CE ROGERS + MARSHALL JEFFERSON || Allister Whitehead || Terry Farley || Buckley @ LEEDS WAREHOUSE - SUNDAY 27TH MARCH rocking da house, back to basically spinning & doing what you love with talents who must be good else you'd by pass on such invitation, bring it on with that D&B B2B DJ Set"


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Mark Alexander as far back as 1987/'88, he was attending The Hacienda, along with many more of the Leeds contingency happily welcomed by the like's of Bez, Shaun Ryder amongst others well known throughout the Manchester lads. This molded an alliance which lead to many meeting places outside the well renowned FAC51 club. Many Warehouse Party's were cropping up left right & center, which took this further afield into the huge outdoor illegal Raves within the North. To name but a few of the indoor party's were Kitchens in Hulme, Point Saline Cafe Bar aka The Sweat Box on Chapel Hill in Huddersfield, Red Parrott in Blackburn (Sett End), most of the bars down Newquay ie: Steamers, Sailors & The Boujy, plus the police no go area of Chapletown with Twighlight Zone, Skippy's then Sunny's whilst the club scene was more like Manchester's Spectrum & Thunderdome, News nightclub pre Hi-Flyers and of course just around the corner Leeds Warehouse, this growth by now was 1989.

However the whole scene in & around the Leeds area seemed to generate ideas in the bedroom with vinyl bought from Eastern Bloc & Spinn Inn Disc, other than Mikey Luton aka Mikey Twighlight & Ian Dewhirst. By the way the stores in Manchester are where real mackoy in bulk could be bought therefore could supply in the collectors their choice desired box fulls of quality imports & white label's, unless you was Graham Dixon, fixed up & kitted out contact wise from the mid eighties with his records Shaun aka Gouldy on the other hand was having a twirl at making tracks, threw towel in & became the first to craft the art of beat matching from the actual Leeds tight circle of 30 to 50 cool heads donning their space in The Hac, he soon packed DJaying in too, to become a vinyl pusher thus opening his shop under the name Trax Records, where soon Mark would end up lending along with his partner in crime at that spinning time, Farrar aka Faz their helpful hand's helping Gouldy out with demand of customers catching on soon of the Leeds Bridge Record Store providing choice tunes in bulk.

In the meantime around Spring of 1989 a promoter at a Keighley club called Vicky's asked Micky Reilly & Mick Craddock to try pull in a DJ with a full on modern collection, that's when the call was put to Mark to take a leap from the bedroom into the club environment.

Enter Farrar: So Mark asked his close friend Steven Farrar who was as enthusiastic as him about the tunes & the whole feel of trying to get them out there, heard & most of all enjoyed, so an whole atmosphere was taken to another level lead by 'us all' not the club owners with door politics, So in pop's an army of lads & lasses creating electrifying euphoria. So having decided too call themselves 'Mark & Farrar' a 350 capacity club week in week out every Friday was rammed to the rafters, people dancing on pool tables, chairs, anything possible to dance on it was taken to be a dance spot for a good 5 hours 9pm until 2am, the whole scene was magical and all in around about way un prepared for and most certainly a rare one off atmosphere found inside a club. Hacienda & Sett End were only others at that height of euphoric moment's which didn't last forever in  fact it didn't last for no longer than 3 to 4 months.

It all went pear shape, or Pete Tong an unknown then was certainly fitting for the short term love of a club that was 'very unique', it ball came about when one night a crowd of of Leeds pal's plus Mark & Faz turned up to find a note on the door saying "the show isn't on tonight", from that Micky managed to get them a spur of the moment 1/2 hour slot at a venue around the corner called 'Dennies', which in due time became their next spot to spin at. All Mark & Faz wanted was to play their brand new tunes, get enough wage to buy more, quite the norm back then & perhaps extra's here & there. Anyway one of which track they was choosing to un declare was Frankie Knuckles 'Your Love' and an experimentation with Kung Fu Fighting, stuff like Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac & Carley Simon's Why had already been pulled off a dream at their previous foundation of DJ booth confidence gaining, all of which went down a storm. Back then it was the acceptable & back then it's what the crowd awaited for in anticipation, week by week at Vicky's. RIP Vicky's!!

So the week later they were now playing at Ricky's in Leeds each Saturday, it weren't long after that, that the politics started to rear it's ugly & greedy head, such as heavy handed bouncers taking liberties on lads who was creating these parties from the off set. So it was finally time for someone to try get it organised...

Enter Tony Hannon an Hac & Blackburn regular!! Mark, Farrar & Tony Hannon knocked heads and came up with a night called Kaos. The rest is history supposedly & so is the politic's. 

Mark & Farrar went on to become big names via the brand which essentially was the first comparison to Manchester's Hacienda. They even went on to play The Hac & Tolerence in Bradford becoming a regular feature for them from there on...

Mark & Farrar eventually & respectfully took their separate paths, Mark retiring early/mid nineties from the music scene. Until he was called upon to play the 2008 Kaos Reunion at Rio's near Christmas. Although Mark lays very unique diverse set's down his most musical creative passion lies within mixing alternative sets... Going onto create some impressive series of 'Cosmic Pop' and a 'Balearic' collection... Which are quite hard to come by but ahead of their time although, 50's/60's & 70's right through to beyond 2010...

The above picture is of Mark playing 'Made In Leeds Fest 2015'. After Shine was approached to provide a line up to lend support to Steve Lawler in The Warehouse tent. With that & the limited budget which was on offer for Micky to play with for a presentation of Shine, so thinking out of the box but sussing a gem bill left him asking Gez Varley to make a classic LFO headline return after what was probably at least two decades since LFO was out there making their waves with their Warp Records effort too. 

So the line up Shine HQ put forward was an LFO DJ Set, supported by Shine Birthday DJ on a regular basis Justin Robertson alongside the Residents for Shine warming up, which were Mark Alexander, Mark Holliday & Garry Dabill took to spinning their bit at MILF.   


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Graham Dixon since 1986 has been DJing at house parties and bars where he lived throughout the north of England then by 1989 he was a highly skilled & respected scratcher known for playing everything from hip hop, soul, breaks, early house and so on. Having already established a vinyl collection through his US, Europe & UK contacts, he became a most sought after DJ has his reputation grew which could've quite easily have taken the very reserved Graham to global status especially boasting a best vinyl, most advanced collection, which was by far way ahead of many at the time.

His regular London trips for packaged haul's of advance record orders, paid off, way before the stroke of 1990 had reached us, he was already playing regular club spots at The Leeds Warehouse, Tradeshall, Bradford's Bibbies aka The Capricorn Club & Leeds Twilight Zone a notorious converted Blues.

Then there was Blackburn's Monroes where low & behold all the illegal rave activity shaped itself as an organised central focus, mediating areas after 2am club close, catering to crews from Manchester's Hacienda & Thunderdome, The Leeds Warehouse plus Blackburn's Red Parrot. Then other firms eventually joined the bond including Huddersfield, Liverpool, Blackpool & Bradford. Everybody together were happily on board the renowned convoy system where 100's of cars skilfully avoided the police preventing them breaking up what became the UK's 24/48 hour outdoor Summer Of Love parties such as Joy, Live The Dream, Sundance, Blast Off, Sunrise & Karma Sutre amongst many more, this organised system was assisted by pirate radio show's which Graham was also inundated with, all cleverly corresponding for moulding together, droves of 10 to 30 thousand enthusiastic party people. 

After all this the house parties/raves were now regulated & no longer illegal, he was offered his own night at Ricky's in Leeds taking over from Sasha every Wednesday leading to more work at another red hot fixture back then, The Gallery with more work in & around Europe.  

Recent years in Leeds have seen him play to constantly sold out shows which he organised, UBER being one while Graham also set his sights on spinning at events pulling the success he always achieved, it actually seemed whatever Graham turned his hand to turned to gold, playing for brands like Kissdafunk, Plastic, The Zoo, Canya and Coastline without forgetting the legendary boat party. Plus for a solid 8 years every week at Stinky's in Leeds he ran the Back2Mine Sunday daytime terrace shows, consistently playing to sold out audiences.

DJ influences who've guided his diversity flow throughout the years stretch from Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Flash, Nightmares On Wax from Leeds, the outstanding UK talents of Sasha & Mike Pickering plus Derrick Carter and Carl Cox have all driven the Graham Dixon talent wagon.

Check out his productions of remixes, mash ups & tracks at uberdifgitalrecordings.

His re acquainted passion for a solid underground classic acid house sound, led him to take up Shine's offer of hosting The Loft at Leeds Warehouse for the FAC51 Hacienda shows. Further leading to joining the resident outfit permanently & his debut show commence's 11pm, 13th June at The Warehouse when Shine host The Loft for Made In Leeds Festival Afterparty & Steve Lawler heads the main room. MILF takes place at The Tetley Leeds with 5,000 hungry music heads in attendance. Shine present on The Warehouse Arena stage a bill shaped by a special guest Gez Varley LFO DJ Set alongside Shine's usual suspects Justin Robertson, Mark Alexander, Mark Holliday & Garry Dabill. 


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DJing for over 20 years, Mark is renowned for his divine taste in House Music seamlessly mixed to create unique sets for the dance floor.

Mark’s held many residences throughout the years at clubs such as Ricky's, The Warehouse, The Gallery, Highflyers, Soak, Kaos, Up Yer Ronson, Ark and the Glasshouse, playing alongside the likes of Carl Cox, Sasha, Paul Oakenfold, Graeme Park, Allister Whitehead, Jon Pleased Wimmin and K-Klass yet he has graced the decks at some of the UK’s key clubs such as Pacha, Gatecrasher and Tall Trees.

In recent years Mark has made regular appearances at a variety of club nights across the north of England, with brands which include LTD Addiction, Shine and Love To Be. He’s also taken centre stage at Leeds Pride showcasing his skills to more than 20,000 revellers and has even hosted his own internet radio shows booking some of the world’s biggest DJ's including Kurd Maverick, Dave Seaman, Utah Saints, Disfunktion, Dan Castro, Prok and Fitch, Hard Rock Sofa and Mason. 

Mark's continuation to perform is at various events across the UK mixing up a cocktail of uplifting, hands in the air house music, alongside other DJ legends and 2014 promises to be yet another fantastic year, with a new Shine residency at the Leeds Warehouse, playing his excellent debut show on April's Bank Holiday weekend where he was billed to support Danny Rampling & Jeremy Healy for the spectacular SHINE EASTER SPECIAL.

Interact with him on the Social Network Sites and LIKE MARK ON FACEBOOK or you can FOLLOW MARK ON TWITTER to continue the support for this brilliant Leeds DJ.

 Also click the YouTube logo below the SoundCloud player to watch Mark live at Shine.


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Garry played his debut gig at Shine in June 2012. It was the mix from the SoundCloud player which basically landed his feet securely under the table gaining him a DJ residency for Shine at The Leeds Warehouse.

He's one of four residents, the other's are Kaos co founder DJ Mark Alexander then Graham Dixon a leading tactful, very tasteful, skilful sought after scratcher with his reputation stretching right back into the middle/late 80's, throughout the NORTH of England Summer Of Love era's. Also completing the outfit is Mark Holliday, another face that's covered a vast amount of the Leeds scene, playing as a resident for Kaos, Soak & Ark, to name but a few.

However a healthy description of Garry Dabill's vibe is of warmth in the Shine shape of cool vocal house with an unobvious flavour, creating an high tint of underground UK & US house. The very same feelings & pathways what happen to be the classic house journey Shine are flowing on & most certainly a niche, Shine over time has eventually reached.

Garry is a very diverse DJ with an adaptable quality, capable of spinning complimentary set's before or after ANY DJ he's performing alongside. This is why his important and centre roll at Shine is to ensure the MAIN ROOM WARM UP SLOT at the Leeds Warehouse set's the mood perfectly.

Catch more mixes by him or the DJ's inspiring Garry on SoundCloud @garrydee and if you're into his style, then don't hesitate to LIKE up the Shine Facebook page & follow him WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/SHINELEEDS

Now press play and turn up the volume for an impressive vocal house set, also click the YouTube logo below player for a live video clip of Garry at Shine.