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Garry played his debut gig at Shine in June 2012. It was the mix from the SoundCloud player which basically landed his feet securely under the table gaining him a DJ residency for Shine at The Leeds Warehouse.

He's one of four residents, the other's are Kaos co founder DJ Mark Alexander then Graham Dixon a leading tactful, very tasteful, skilful sought after scratcher with his reputation stretching right back into the middle/late 80's, throughout the NORTH of England Summer Of Love era's. Also completing the outfit is Mark Holliday, another face that's covered a vast amount of the Leeds scene, playing as a resident for Kaos, Soak & Ark, to name but a few.

However a healthy description of Garry Dabill's vibe is of warmth in the Shine shape of cool vocal house with an unobvious flavour, creating an high tint of underground UK & US house. The very same feelings & pathways what happen to be the classic house journey Shine are flowing on & most certainly a niche, Shine over time has eventually reached.

Garry is a very diverse DJ with an adaptable quality, capable of spinning complimentary set's before or after ANY DJ he's performing alongside. This is why his important and centre roll at Shine is to ensure the MAIN ROOM WARM UP SLOT at the Leeds Warehouse set's the mood perfectly.

Catch more mixes by him or the DJ's inspiring Garry on SoundCloud @garrydee and if you're into his style, then don't hesitate to LIKE up the Shine Facebook page & follow him WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/SHINELEEDS

Now press play and turn up the volume for an impressive vocal house set, also click the YouTube logo below player for a live video clip of Garry at Shine.