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Graham Dixon since 1986 has been DJing at house parties and bars where he lived throughout the north of England then by 1989 he was a highly skilled & respected scratcher known for playing everything from hip hop, soul, breaks, early house and so on. Having already established a vinyl collection through his US, Europe & UK contacts, he became a most sought after DJ has his reputation grew which could've quite easily have taken the very reserved Graham to global status especially boasting a best vinyl, most advanced collection, which was by far way ahead of many at the time.

His regular London trips for packaged haul's of advance record orders, paid off, way before the stroke of 1990 had reached us, he was already playing regular club spots at The Leeds Warehouse, Tradeshall, Bradford's Bibbies aka The Capricorn Club & Leeds Twilight Zone a notorious converted Blues.

Then there was Blackburn's Monroes where low & behold all the illegal rave activity shaped itself as an organised central focus, mediating areas after 2am club close, catering to crews from Manchester's Hacienda & Thunderdome, The Leeds Warehouse plus Blackburn's Red Parrot. Then other firms eventually joined the bond including Huddersfield, Liverpool, Blackpool & Bradford. Everybody together were happily on board the renowned convoy system where 100's of cars skilfully avoided the police preventing them breaking up what became the UK's 24/48 hour outdoor Summer Of Love parties such as Joy, Live The Dream, Sundance, Blast Off, Sunrise & Karma Sutre amongst many more, this organised system was assisted by pirate radio show's which Graham was also inundated with, all cleverly corresponding for moulding together, droves of 10 to 30 thousand enthusiastic party people. 

After all this the house parties/raves were now regulated & no longer illegal, he was offered his own night at Ricky's in Leeds taking over from Sasha every Wednesday leading to more work at another red hot fixture back then, The Gallery with more work in & around Europe.  

Recent years in Leeds have seen him play to constantly sold out shows which he organised, UBER being one while Graham also set his sights on spinning at events pulling the success he always achieved, it actually seemed whatever Graham turned his hand to turned to gold, playing for brands like Kissdafunk, Plastic, The Zoo, Canya and Coastline without forgetting the legendary boat party. Plus for a solid 8 years every week at Stinky's in Leeds he ran the Back2Mine Sunday daytime terrace shows, consistently playing to sold out audiences.

DJ influences who've guided his diversity flow throughout the years stretch from Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Flash, Nightmares On Wax from Leeds, the outstanding UK talents of Sasha & Mike Pickering plus Derrick Carter and Carl Cox have all driven the Graham Dixon talent wagon.

Check out his productions of remixes, mash ups & tracks at uberdifgitalrecordings.

His re acquainted passion for a solid underground classic acid house sound, led him to take up Shine's offer of hosting The Loft at Leeds Warehouse for the FAC51 Hacienda shows. Further leading to joining the resident outfit permanently & his debut show commence's 11pm, 13th June at The Warehouse when Shine host The Loft for Made In Leeds Festival Afterparty & Steve Lawler heads the main room. MILF takes place at The Tetley Leeds with 5,000 hungry music heads in attendance. Shine present on The Warehouse Arena stage a bill shaped by a special guest Gez Varley LFO DJ Set alongside Shine's usual suspects Justin Robertson, Mark Alexander, Mark Holliday & Garry Dabill.